12 best ways to cope with Depression

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Hello everyone, in the previous topic we were talking about The Structure of the Indian Economy. Today we are going to suggest you 12 best ways to cope with Depression.

12 best ways to cope with Depression

Hello everyone, today we are going to tell you some ways which helps you to cope with depression so here are 12 best ways to cope with depression-

12 best ways to cope with Depression
12 best ways to cope with Depression

Increasing Positive Feelings

A study suggests that even small changes in our day-to-day life can have profound effects when it comes to overcoming depression. Just increase your positive feelings. Think positive. This trick will help you to increase your inner positivity. Simply write down three good things that happen to you each day. These good things could be very small events, like feeling the warm sunshine on your face, calling a friend, or just watching a favorite TV show. Believe us within few days you will experience some relief.

Communicate With Family, Friends or to the Close Ones

Sometimes people don’t tell others how they feel, which can lead to a variety of frustrating problems. Share your problem with others. After communicating you will feel good.

Spend Time With Nature

 It is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness. Being with nature reduces anger and stress and also uplifts your mood.

Don’t Be Alone

We are social animals. Some people say they can’t stand to be alone for even a few hours whereas others say they prefer to be alone much of the time. But, despite this variation in the desire for social contact, from a psychological point of view, social isolation can be a big problem, particularly during times of depression. People should have at least close friends or a group of people who make them feel they are connected to a community.

If you find yourself being alone much of the time, even if it feels okay to you, you should consider increasing your social contact.

Note- Internet-based social activities like social media are also helpful (but they do not replace real-life contact with people).


Take a healthy diet. Limit the amount of caffeine and nicotine; it will help you with your sleep. Also, avoid sugar. Take Vitamins B and Omega-3 fatty acids, it will be beneficial for stabilizing your mood and fighting off depression. Eating vegetables, citrus fruits, chicken, eggs, and fish can also be extremely helpful.

Be Kind

Studies show that being kind will not just benefit people you help but also make you happy, too. According to research, kindness can start a chain of positive social consequences, that bring you closer to others and helping you appreciate the most positive aspects of human nature. Being kind and helping the needy, will help you to uplift your mood on a permanent basis.

Develop Your Nurturing Inner Voice

People have an internal voice that is constantly criticizing them and their self-worth. Often this voice may have originated with a parent, a teacher, a bully, relatives, or another toxic type of adult in your childhood. It may be due to harsh comments you heard when you were growing up. You may not even remember just where or when these criticizing voices in your head appeared, but it is important to know that you don’t have to listen to it anymore.

Instead of listening to these critical voices in your head, you can develop nurturing inner voices that you can listen to when you are feeling low and you are questioning your own self-worth.

You can do this trick by writing down five nurturing statements that you want to hear. These may be the kind of statements that someone who cares deeply about you might say to you. Examples-

  • I’m really proud of what you have accomplished.
  • You always amaze me.
  • You should give yourself more credit for all that you do.

Talk To A Therapist

A therapist will be able to help you work through these issues. A therapist will also help you to know about your depression, which is an important component and has been shown to reduce depression.

Note- If you are not comfortable with the idea of traditional therapy, look into the unique variation. Example- Art, Drama, and Music therapy can also be beneficial for coping up with your depression.

Yoga, Exercise and Meditation

Yoga and Exercise both burn calories. It will help you to get good sleep. Yoga will activate the part of your brain which might have been blocked and it throws out the toxic material and gives you mental peace.

Meditation doesn’t let your thoughts control you. It may be difficult to get rid of the thoughts at first but after doing meditation for 20-30 minutes you will see the changes.

Loving Kindness Meditation

The “loving-kindness meditation” is a simple meditation in which you recite positive thoughts about yourself and others.  This meditation can immediately improve your mood because it focuses you on the positive things in your life and your sense of purpose.

The effects of this practice can also be surprising and long-lasting. Studies show that the regular practice of this meditation can increase your resiliency and bring you a sense of fulfillment you may have never thought possible.

This meditation has five simple steps, which begin by inviting you to express positive thoughts about yourself, followed by positive thoughts of someone you care about. Then it requires something you may not have done before that includes – you send out positive thoughts toward someone you feel neutral about, followed by positive thoughts toward someone you dislike. Then you direct your positive thoughts out to the universe.

This meditation takes just a few minutes, but it goes a long way to opening up your positive emotions and letting go of your negative emotions.

Meditation doesn’t let your thoughts control you. It may be difficult to get rid of the thoughts at first but after doing meditation for 20-30 minutes you will see the changes.

Focus On Solution Rather Than Problems

People think about their problems constantly, and always focus on how unhappy they feel and how their problems are holding them back.

But what if instead, you focused on the solutions to your problems? Focusing on solutions, rather than dwelling on your problems, can open up many new possibilities.

Keeping Track of How Meditation Affects Your Depression

People decide to take medication to cope up with their depression, but they are under the misconception that this will provide them quick relief. Finding the right medication to help you with your depression will almost always take some time. So be patient.

There are different types of medications that help with depression and anxiety. Keep track of how you feel and function because this is the only way for your prescribing physician to know which medications will go to help you with your depression. Keep track of your prescription and non-prescription medication, and bring it with you whenever you consult a medical doctor.

Note- It is important to remember that depression can also be a side effect of medications that you take for other purposes. Oral contraceptives, drugs that treat high blood pressure, drugs that treat high cholesterol, and even certain medications that treat acne can trigger a depressed mood. Always consult with your physician and pharmacist about the side effects of your prescription and non-prescription medication and ask how they can possibly affect your mood.

Last but not least remember that you are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. You are allowed to cry. It doesn’t mean you are defective, it just meant YOU ARE a HUMAN.

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General FAQ

What are the best ways to cope with depression?

Followings are the best ways to cope with depression-
1. Increasing Positive Feelings
2. Communicate With Family, Friends or to the Close Ones
3. Spend Time With Nature
4. Don’t Be Alone
5. Diet
6. Be Kind
7. Develop Your Nurturing Inner Voice
8. Talk To A Therapist
9. Yoga, Exercise, and Meditation
10. Loving-Kindness Meditation
11. Focus On Solution Rather Than Problems
12. Keeping Track of How Meditation Affects Your Depression

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