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Howdy Everyone, Welcome to Grooming Urban, a transformative educational platform founded with a vision to reshape the way urban and rural communities engage with learning. In a world where urbanization is rapidly changing the dynamics of our daily lives, Grooming Urban emerges as a beacon of innovation, focusing on empowering individuals to become successful in their life.

At the helm of this initiative is Kumar Shanu Sinha, an MBA student with a dual specialization in HRM and Finance, driven by a passion for creating positive change in education. Grooming Urban is not just a website; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to cater to the educational needs of those navigating the challenges and opportunities within urban environments.

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Kumar Shanu Sinha


Howdy Everyone. Welcome to Grooming Urban, myself Kumar Shanu Sinha, founder of Grooming Urban and a student of management. I am the developer of this site as well as I also likes to write blogs.

Sneha Kriti

Content Writter & Social Media Manager

Howdy Everyone. Welcome to Grooming Urban, myself Sneha Kriti, I am a student of computer science. I like to write blogs as well as I am a social media manager of this site.