The Sigma Rule (Σ)

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Hello everyone, in the previous topic we have suggested 20 advisable quotes from Bhagavad Gita that will help you to understand your life better. Today we are talking about “The sigma rule”.

The Sigma Rule (Σ)

The Sigma Rule
The Sigma Rule

By searching “sigma rule” you mean the “six” rule which is based on the observation that in a normally distributed data set, three standard deviations above and below mean (hence six sigma-which is the standard notation for standard deviation) will include 99.996% of data. So if one wants to reduce errors in manufacturing or service quality, one might strive to reach six sigma-which is essentially almost 100% perfection within tolerance. It’s a very high standard. Six Sigma quality systems proliferated over the last 30 years. Very few can actually achieve that level of performance.

The 6 Sigma Rule

After nearly two decades of Six Sigma experience, there is now a solid body of scientific research that successful deployment involves focusing on a small number of high-leverage items. The activities and systems required to successfully implement Six Sigma are well documented.

The Sigma rule are here-


Leadership’s primary role is to create a clear vision for success and to communicate the vision clearly, consistently, and repeatedly throughout the organization. In other words, leadership must lead the effort.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the goals, objectives, and progress are properly aligned with those of the enterprise as a whole. This is done by modifying the organization such that one personnel naturally pursue as part of their normal routine. This requires the creation of new positions and departments, and modified reward, recognition, incentive, and compensation systems. The

Sigma deployment will begin with senior leadership training in the philosophy, principles, and tools they need to prepare their organization for success.


Using their newly acquired knowledge, senior leaders direct the development and training of an infrastructure to manage and support.

Communication and awareness

Simultaneously, steps are taken to “soft-wire” the organization and to cultivate a change-capable environment where innovation and creativity can flourish. A top-level project is focused on the change initiative and the communication required to build buy-in of the initiative.

Stakeholder feedback systems

Systems are developed for establishing close communication with customers, employees, and suppliers. This includes developing rigorous methods of obtaining and evaluating customer, owner, employee, and supplier input. Baseline studies are conducted to determine the starting point and to identify cultural, policy, and procedural obstacles to success.

Process feedback systems. A framework for continuous process improvement is developed, along with a system of indicators for monitoring progress and success. Sigma Rule metrics focus on the organization’s strategic goals, drivers, and key business processes

Project selection

Sigma projects are proposed for improving business processes by people with process knowledge at various levels of the organization.  Sigma projects are selected based on the established protocol by senior management to achieve business performance objectives linked to measurable financial results.

Project deployment

Sigma projects are conducted by project teams led by Black Belts or by Green Belts with the technical assistance of Black Belts.

The sigma rule which Grooming Urban follow

  • Experiencing it by always keeping one thing in mind we are not the body we are a soul, who is experiencing this world through this body. We also don’t know whether we will be alive tomorrow or not which clarifies only one thing in life that is never looking back.
  • Living in the present and preparing for our dreams as best as we can, without any expectations and fears.
  • Never give an absolute damn of what life throws at us. Examples- broken heart, cheating girlfriend, empty bank balance, a withering storm, high ticket price of a daily commute, and everything amongst those. Just walk it off. Complaining will only waste our time and nothing else.
  • Don’t live for approval and appreciation. Live for yourself, Be happy, Be healthy, Be unique.

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General FAQ

What are the 6 sigmas rule?

The 6 Sigma rules are as follow-
1. Leadership
2. Infrastructure
3. Communication and awareness
4. Stakeholder feedback systems
5. Project selection
6. Project deployment

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