How We Overcome Our Laziness

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Hello everyone, in the previous topic we were discussing a Case Study on KFC. Today we are going to talk about How we overcome our laziness.

How We Overcome Our Laziness

How We Overcome Our Laziness
How We Overcome Our Laziness

Get Organized

We have to Eliminate Distractions

It is very hard to get your work done in the presence of distractions. Digital devices can be a source of major distraction and it is advisable to turn off all these sources and focus the attention on the task at hand.

We have to identify our fear and obstacles

If we take our understanding to a deeper level and uncover our fears in our life. It will help us provide healthy grounds for self-awareness. And this results in, the knowledge of what stops us from taking up a task and it can serve as a preliminary step towards initiating a change.

Break down the tasks into smaller components

It is normal to feel daunted by a big task. In order to effectively complete the task, take one task at a time and break it into manageable tasks which can be achieved in due course of time.

We have to develop a Positive Addiction

This is one of the most important of the so-called secrets of success to overcome our laziness. We can actually develop a “positive addiction” to endorphins and to the feeling that they trigger.

When we develop this addiction, we will, at an unconscious level, begin to organize our life in such a way that we are continually starting and completing ever more important tasks and projects. We will actually become addicted, in a very positive sense, to success.

Develop the habit of starting and finishing important jobs

One of the keys to living a wonderful life or having a successful career, and feeling terrific about ourselves is to develop the habit of starting and finishing important jobs. When we do this regularly, this behavior will take on a power of its own and we will find it easier to complete important tasks than not to complete them.

Become mindful of the onset

Pay close attention to when the thoughts of procrastination start to creep in our minds. Always stay away from the urge of giving in to procrastination when there’s a temptation.

Reward yourself

Once we have successfully completed a task, even a small portion, it is important to make our efforts count. For it, we have to allow ourselves to indulge in an activity of our interest.

The Three D’s of New Habit Formation

We need three key qualities to develop the habits of focus and concentration, which are all learnable. They are decision, discipline, and determination. Firstly, we have to make a decision to develop the habit of task completion. Secondly, we have to discipline ourselves to practice the principles we are about to learn over and over until they become automatic. And thirdly, back everything we do with determination until the habit is locked in and becomes a permanent part of our personality.

We have to followTHE NOW HABIT”- Advice such as “just do it,” “try harder,” and “get organized” is based on the old definition.

Our problem is laziness. If only we weren’t so lazy we could do it.”

And also parents, teachers, and friends will worsen the problem by adding these lines- This is really a tough job. How you are going to do it. You’re going to have to work really hard. No fooling around. No time for friends and vacations until this is completed.

The message the above lines give is: “Life is dull and hard. There’s no time for fun. Work is dreadful, yet it must be done.”

This old model of work and life is similar to the quotes “Life is hard, and then you die,” or “Life is difficult you need to learn discipline.”

These lines have great faith in human nature, and therefore make you aware of the deeper anxieties about failure, perfectionism, and criticism that lead you to laziness.

The Now Habit program emphasizes healing the underlying self-alienation—the working against ourselves.

The Now Habit reestablishes a working relationship within ourselves that lessens inner conflict and allows us to engage our whole self in the task.

Giving us the tools to create inner safety and positive inner dialogue helps us to lessen the fear of being imperfect and enables us to take risks and start sooner.

The Now Habit is a strategic system

That is, it goes beyond “how-to” advice and presents a plan based on the dynamics of procrastination and motivation. This habit shows us how to shift gears into a higher level of functioning so we can go faster more efficiently. It shows

Us how scheduling more guilt

Free play in our life can attack the underlying causes of laziness by lowering resentment toward work, making it easier to start working, improving the quality of work, and stirring motivation.

With this strategy, we will be able to work virtually free of stress and enjoy our leisure time free of guilt.

The Now Habit program will provide us with 10 powerful tools for overcoming laziness.

  • Creating safety will show us how to put a psychological safety net under our highwire act so that we can lessen our fear of failure and learn how to bounce back from mistakes with renewed purpose.
  • Reprogramming negative attitudes through positive self-talk will help us to identify our negative messages to ourselves and discover how they adversely affect us while replacing them with positive phrasing that directs our energy toward task-oriented thoughts and rapid solutions.
  • Using the symptom to trigger the cure will show us how to use old habits to evoke and strengthen the formation of new, positive habits.
  • Guilt-free play will teach us how to strategically schedule our leisure time in order to shift our focus from work to play, thereby creating a subconscious urge to return to work.
  • Three-dimensional thinking and the reverse calendar will show us how to control the terror of being overwhelmed by important tasks by creating a step-by-step calendar of our path to achievement, with adequate time to rest and to fully appreciate our accomplishments.
  • Making worry work will show us how developing plans for coping with distractions will help us achieve our goals and strengthen our ability to face the worst that could happen.
  • The Unschedule will let us see the freedom awaiting for us through prescheduled guilt-free play, will create a realistic image of the amount of time available, and will give us a built-in time clock for recording quality time on projects to let us see how much we have accomplished.
  • Setting realistic goals will help us to clear our minds of guilt, produce goals that cannot be worked on in the present, and will direct our energies toward the few worthwhile goals that deserve our attention now.
  • Working in the flow state will bring us beyond stress and low motivation to a state of focused energy, interest, and concentration within two minutes or less letting us know that regardless of how we feel about our project, within moments we will be working at our most productive and creative levels.
  • Controlled setbacks will prepare us for our setbacks so that we quickly turn them into opportunities, anticipate the temptation to procrastinate, and build persistence into our overall plan for achievement.

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General FAQ

How can we organize ourselves to overcome laziness?

To overcome laziness we have to get organized ourselves in this manner-
1. We have to Eliminate Distractions
2. We have to identify our fear and obstacles
3. Break down the tasks into smaller components

4. We have to develop a Positive Addiction

How can we develop the habit of starting and finishing important jobs?

One of the keys to living a wonderful life or having a successful career, and feeling terrific about ourselves is to develop the habit of starting and finishing important jobs by following these things-
1. Become mindful of the onset
2. Reward yourself
3. The Now Habit is a strategic system
4. Us how scheduling more guilt

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